Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gotcha Force

Gotcha Force is a game for Gamecube only that is not very well known. It has a silly name but it is one of my favorite games. The object of the game is to defeat the Galactic Emporor ( Capcom (the creators of the game) didn't spend very much time the names. The game very fast miving so sometimes you can get a bit dizzy, and I'm not exaggerating. You callect 206 different borgs (charecters) to use so it's kind of like Pokemon. the first borg you have is called G-red and he's actually pretty powerful for a starter charecter. You can earn borgs or parts of borgs called data crystals by defeating them in battle. There is different types of borgs that include (and are my favorite) fortress borgs, borgs that can't move much but have heavy firpower, ninja borgs, borgs that have averagly powerful attacks but don't have much health and are very fast, tank borgs, slow moving borgs that have powerful attacks (I think of the as a smaller fortress borg), and machine borgs, borgs that vary but are usually kind of slow. The most powerful borg in the game is G-black. You can only get him legitemately by going to some Capcom covention in Japan. In the missions you are usually going adgainst the death force (the Galactic Emporor's army) with a partner. Some times you fight future partners or death force commanders.

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Hi Ricky, I like your blog, I am signed on now with google and can add comments! Your blog is very nice and I am going to be checking to see what you are up to. Have a nice day there in Fair Oaks. Love you! Grandma