Monday, February 25, 2008

2/15/08-2/24/08 Friday-Sunday

I going to smush all of these days together too.


Today I am going to go to Winco with my Mom to get some party supplies. We got a lot of candie for ice cream toppings (we also got ice cream), rootbeer for rootbeer floats, pizza for dinner, some chocolate and caramel syrups to add to the ice cream, and a couple of other things. For presents I got some money because they didn't know what to get me and the Wii play with a second controller and nunchuck. Everybody played the Wii and it took a very long time for most everybody to play. After everybody was gone I went on to and preordered the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


I went to a make up class for fencing today and this morning I played some Wii Play and my favorite activity in the game is the tank one. The Wii Play is suposed to help you get used to the Wii remote pointer. Today we created a Mii for my Dad, brother, sister, Mom, and uncle. I played some Gamecube with my brother and we played Kirby Air Ride and Custom Robo.


Today I played a lot of Wii (sports and play) and my right arm is sore from the boxing. I watched some tv today and read my library book.


Today I started homeschooling for the week and played some computer games along with the Wii. I did most of my math and grammar fo rhomeschooling and I made caramel as a science experiment. I will try to experiment with it in the next couple of days. The caramel tastes very good and here is a picture of my second try (my first try I burnt it so for my second try it was a lot of improvment):

It came out kind of chunky but it still tasted very good.


Today I made the caramel again and it came out much better and looked very smooth. I don't have a picture of it but now I can make it anytime I want (well not anytime). I went to fencing today and I we didn't do any bouts. Instead we did a lot of defender/attacker drills where one person is attacking and the other is defending.


Today I didn't go to rollerskating, but Joey (my sister) did. I stayed home and did some homeschooling ( I did grammar and vocabulary), tv, and some Gamecube. After Joey got back we did a sugar cube pyramid. Here's a picture:

The picture is kind of dark. It was suposed to be an Egyption pyramid, but it came out more like a Mayan pyramid.

Today I finished up most of my homeschooling (everything except one lesson in math) and played a lot of Super Smash Bros. Melee with Wilson (my brother). There wasn't very many people today. While we were doing bouts, my arm got really tired and I couldn't move it very fast. Although I couldn't move it very fast I still won most of the bouts. When we got back I played some Wii with Wilson and watched some tv.


Today I finished up the rest of my homeschooling (the one lesson in math) and played a lot of Wii and Gamecube. I made some more caramel and I used a lot of butter this time. It came out darker than usual and tasted a bit more buttery.


Today I went to a make up class in fencing and after that when I was home I watched some tv and played Digimon: Rumble Arena 2 with Wilson. I read a lot during the afternoon and I read my library book Dragon's Milk.


I stayed home today and didn't very much. I mostly played Super Paper Mario and Wii Sports.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/5/08-2/14/08 Tuesday-Thursday

I'm going to smush all of these days together.


Today I went to fencing. I wore the splint to keep it from moving to much but then I had to take it off because it was getting to hot inside of it. My Dad and I ate at Carls Jr./Green Burrito while my sister was at dance. After fencing when we went back home I did some more homeschooling and took a shower. I played some Gamecube with by brother, Wilson. I went to sleep at about 9:30.


Today I didn't go to rollerskating because of my wrist ( I can't belive it still hurts!). I mostly stayed home, played some gamecube with Wilson, and did some homeshooling.


Today I went to fencing again. This time we didn't eat out, instead we ate at home before we left. I didn't bring the spilnt this time (It has partly healed). I won a lot of bouts this time and I got very tired. When we went back home I took a shower, did some homeschooling, and played Gamecube.


Today I finished up my homeschooling for the week and watched some tv, read and played viedo games.


Today I played a lot of viedo games and didn't read much. I went to a fencing class today ( it was a makeup class). I have mostly been playing the game Super Smah Bros. Melee.


Today's my birthday. I got a bookmark from my sister and the Wii! The Wii Sports is very fun and my two favorite sports in the game are tennis and boxing.


Today I started homeschooling for the week and I played some more Wii, and my Wilson (my little brother) is surprisingly good at boxing.
My current skill level on boxing is 756 and on tennis it is 175.


Today I am doing a lot of math for homeschooling and I am getting pretty good at Wii Sports bowling. The boxing training is pretty fun.


Today I played a lot of Wii sports and I tried the nine-hole golf and it was actually relaxing. I got 5 over par.


Today I went to fencing and I did a lot of bouts. I lost 4 out of about 10-14 bouts. I created a Mii today so that I could play the Wii Sports as something that actually looks like me. Tomorrow I am going to have my birthday party.

Friday, February 8, 2008

2/4/08 Monday

Today I started homeschooling for the week. I am playing a lot of Kirby Air Ride. I went on to today. I haven't been on there for a while. I don't think I'll be going on very much, but it's still fun.

2/3/08 Sunday

Today I am stating to watch more TV, but I'm still playing on my Gamecube more than TV. I played some games on the computer and I watched some TV on the computer on

2/2/08 Saturday

Today I stayed home and did reading, viedo games (I still wish I could play Paper Mario some more), and TV. I haven't been watching much TV when I had Paper Mario.

2/1/08 Friday

Today I finished my homeschooling for the week and other than that I did the usual. I had to return Paper Mario to Blockbusters today and I'm wish I could keep it.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl again

On Thursday SSBB was released in Japan. SSBB will be released in the US on March 9th. The smashbros. dojo got a new headliner thing and is now showing secret charecters. Today's secret charecter is Ness. I can't show the headliner thing for some reason but the website is

1/26/08-1/31/08 Sunday-Thursday

I'm combining all those days so that I won't forget them. On Sunday I went to church for the first time. After that we went to Home Town Buffet. After that we went home. On Monday My brother got some kind of rash. I mostly played Paper Mario and read. On Tuesday I did some homeschooling, played Paper Mario and went to fencing. On Wednesday we went rollerskating again. I was doing very well, but I sprained my wrist again during the one time I fell and this time my back didn't get hurt but it was the same wrist so now my wrist is more injured. On Thursday I didn't go to fencing because of my wrist and my brother's rash went down to his feet and can't walk temporily. Is that how you spell temporily?

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

As I said I would, this post is going to be about Paper Mario. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is the second Paper Mario game. I think that it is an action, adventure, puzzle, and collecting game. The object of the game is to collect the seven Crystal Stars to open the Thousand Year Door and atop the X-nauts(the main bad guys) from using the demon spirit behind the Thousand Year Door to rule the world. On Mario's quest he will collect coins (to buy stuff), badges (to give you extra powers during battle), star pieces (to trade for badges), shine sprites (to power up ypur partner), and many other things. Partners you get from each chapter or level by finding them so that you could use their powers in order to continue the game. Their are 7 partners in the game and you get each of them in different ways. My 3 favorite partners are Bobbery (a bob-bom), Yoshi (a yoshi that hatches during a tournement Mario is participating in), and Flurrie ( a wind spirit that helps you take back the Great Tree. This one of my favorite games and right now I'm on the final chapter. Here are some pictures of the game:

I got all of the pictures from

1/26/08 Saturday

Today I spent mist of my time playing Paper Mario and it's one of those addicting games. I think it would rate a 7 out of ten. I'll write (type) more on Paper Mario on the next post. Other than that, I played some Star Wars viedo games with my brother. I didn't watch much tv, but I read over 100 pages of Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows.