Friday, February 1, 2008

1/26/08-1/31/08 Sunday-Thursday

I'm combining all those days so that I won't forget them. On Sunday I went to church for the first time. After that we went to Home Town Buffet. After that we went home. On Monday My brother got some kind of rash. I mostly played Paper Mario and read. On Tuesday I did some homeschooling, played Paper Mario and went to fencing. On Wednesday we went rollerskating again. I was doing very well, but I sprained my wrist again during the one time I fell and this time my back didn't get hurt but it was the same wrist so now my wrist is more injured. On Thursday I didn't go to fencing because of my wrist and my brother's rash went down to his feet and can't walk temporily. Is that how you spell temporily?

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