Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunday-Friday 10/25/08-10/31/08

Today is Halloween! It is also my brother,Wilson,5th birthday. We are going to have Wilson's birthday party tonight, and then we are going to go trick or treating. I don't have any pictures of our costumes yet, but I am going to be a Necromancer, Wilson is going to be a wizard, and Joey is going to be Hannah Montana. At the party, we are going to have different games, pizza for dinner, and some snacks.
Also this week, we did our practice writing test and are going to do our real test on Monday. We did a Venn Diagram of the biomes: Tundra, Rain Forest, and Grasslands. Beginning Band is starting to get into some harder music and is also getting to be more fun. Intermediate band is getting into some really hard songs and they are also the most fun.
That's mainly what I did this week, so Happy Halloween!
Here is a picture of Joey and I at band:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday-Friday 10/18/08-10/24/08

On Saturday this week, we went to the Waldorf Harvest Festival. We got to see all the things they do and did there and we also got to do some neat activities. Some of the things that we got to do there is climb on this spider web play set and we could have done this giant slingshot thing, but we didn't because we were to tired.
Here are some pictures of the Festival:

The one on the top left is is a cave that was on one of the playgrounds, the one on the top right is the spider web play set, and the one on the bottom is Wilson and I walking a labyrinth.

We also went to the Renaissance Fair the next day. There were tons of booths selling different things and a lot of activities. We got to see a fake joust, eat Dragon Dogs on a Sword (corn dogs on a stick), we watched a play, and we listened to some music.

Here are some pictures of the Fair:
The one on the top left is us standing in front of a fake pirate ship, the one on the top right is a guy on stilts performing fire tricks, and the one on the bottom is a guy in the joust.
Also this week, we replanted our sprouts.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Saturday-Friday 10/11/08-10/17/08

This week we did some folding with circles to make different shapes. We made a sphere with triangular and square holes in it, and we made pyramids out of smaller pyramids. This week we also started a seed experiment to see if our seeds that we planted will grow. Joey, Wilson, and I each have our own pots. Mine has three wheat seeds and two pumpkin seeds in it.

Here are the pictures of our seeds:
These are all my seeds (from top right to top left to bottom right) from when they first sprouted to (almost) now. Joey's pot has the most sprouts. Mine has three, Wilson's has one, and Joey's has 23-26.
And this week for my homeschool work, I finished most of it on Tuesday and finished evrything (except blogging) on Wednesday.Also I got a new grammar and word root workbooks.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Saturday-Friday 10/4/08-10/10/08

This week, we went to UC Davis to meet my Aunt Stephanie for lunch and to go to the Explorit Science Center. In the Science Center we got to do robotics, wind experiments, and hard puzzles.

I also got to try to put together a closed circuit to light a light bulb.

Here is a picture of me doing that:

Before we went to the Explorit Science Center, we went to the Arboretm, where there is a bunch of different kinds of plants and animals. After the Arboretum, we went to the one of the UC Davis Dining Commons to meet my Aunt Stephanie for lunch.

Also this week, we went on a botany hunt where our Mom gave us clues about the plants that we were looking for, and then we had to do rubbings of one of the plants' leaves or bark.

Here are some pictures of the botany hunt:
These pictures are of (in no particular order) my brother, Wilson, my sister, Joey, and me.
Earlier this week, we planted some seeds in a container. Both Joey's seeds and my seeds have begun to sprout. I planted some wheat seeds and pumkin seeds in my container. I also learned about the biomes tundra and coniferous forest through DVDs and books.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sunday-Friday 9/28/08-10/3/08

This week we made some more beanbags and we did potato stamping.

Here are some pictures of the potato stamping:

We also used celery to stamp too. So we made designs on the potatos and then painted the flat part of the potato and then pressed it like a stamp onto the paper.

The beanbags we made were pumpkin orange for halloween.

This week for homeschooling I got most of my homescholling finished before friday. We also wrote an alphabet poem and all the words were deserts. We also leaned about what pigments make what colors in leaves, and we finished story of the world and are goung to go onto the next set. We learned about Perseus and the Gorgons, the fall of Rome, we did the science experiment where you put the stem of white carnations into food dye, and we made celtic drawings.

Here are some pictures of the carnations:
The carnation on the right we are mixing two colors.