Friday, October 17, 2008

Saturday-Friday 10/11/08-10/17/08

This week we did some folding with circles to make different shapes. We made a sphere with triangular and square holes in it, and we made pyramids out of smaller pyramids. This week we also started a seed experiment to see if our seeds that we planted will grow. Joey, Wilson, and I each have our own pots. Mine has three wheat seeds and two pumpkin seeds in it.

Here are the pictures of our seeds:
These are all my seeds (from top right to top left to bottom right) from when they first sprouted to (almost) now. Joey's pot has the most sprouts. Mine has three, Wilson's has one, and Joey's has 23-26.
And this week for my homeschool work, I finished most of it on Tuesday and finished evrything (except blogging) on Wednesday.Also I got a new grammar and word root workbooks.


Gosh Yarn It! said...

Great job with your seeds! I'm excited to see them grow.

Grandma said...

Nice that you are growing seeds Ricky. One of your great great grandfather's was a farmer! love, Grandma