Friday, October 3, 2008

Sunday-Friday 9/28/08-10/3/08

This week we made some more beanbags and we did potato stamping.

Here are some pictures of the potato stamping:

We also used celery to stamp too. So we made designs on the potatos and then painted the flat part of the potato and then pressed it like a stamp onto the paper.

The beanbags we made were pumpkin orange for halloween.

This week for homeschooling I got most of my homescholling finished before friday. We also wrote an alphabet poem and all the words were deserts. We also leaned about what pigments make what colors in leaves, and we finished story of the world and are goung to go onto the next set. We learned about Perseus and the Gorgons, the fall of Rome, we did the science experiment where you put the stem of white carnations into food dye, and we made celtic drawings.

Here are some pictures of the carnations:
The carnation on the right we are mixing two colors.


Gosh Yarn It! said...

Nice science experiment! Post some pictures of your pumpkin bean bags when you get a chance.

Grandma said...

Hi Ricky, like all of your experiments and photos of what you are doing. Studying about Roman history is very interesting too!
Love you, Grandma