Friday, September 26, 2008

Monday-Friday 9/20/08-9/24/08

This week we made some beanbags. We each made 3 and we made them from scrap material. Mine were from some jean material, Wilson's were from a soft cloth, and Joey used different clothes for hers.

Here are some pictures:

The one on the top left is mine, the one on the top right is Wilson's, and the one on the bottom left are Joey's, and theone on the bottom right are all of ours.

On Sunday (I know that that isn't on Monday-Friday) I did a recital for the place where I get clarinet lessons from, Music Bloom. I did three songs, two were with a piano accompaniment (my Dad played the piano). The name of the songs were: Entr'acte music from Rosamund, Lullaby, and Going for a Take. The recital was about two and a half hours long. After me, there was only a violinist, and then the rest were piano and guitar players.

Here is a pictures of the recital:

So it was a fun week.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Monday-Friday 9/13/08-9/17/08

This week we didn't do anything special, just the current usual. The current usual is different from the usual of before the summer. The new usual is much busier. There is nothing on Monday, band and fencing on Tuesday, (for Joey and Wilson only) rollerskating, gymnastics and dance on Wednesday, on Thursday we have the most things to do, band, speech, clarinet lessons, and fencing, Friday is only art lessons.

The things that I did for homeschooling this week was my math (I'm doing algebra 1 now), music theory, ancient Greek, vocabulary, and we did this mosaic / collage of a tree for Autumn. I'm going to go to a music recital for Music Bloom (the name of the place that I take clarinet lessons from) on Sunday. I'm going to play 3 songs for the recital, 2 have piano accompaniments.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's been a while since I've posted on this blog. This post is going to be about some of the most fun things I did over the summer. One of them was going to video game camp a UC Davis. While I was there I got to make a cool little video game and we got to play this really cool game called Warcraft. I bought Warcraft a couple weeks ago and it's really fun. It's a strategy computer game that's about 7 years old and is still popular. Some other things that I got to do over the summer was find a cool new card game called Magic The Gathering, and I learned how to needle felt. We also went to a homescooling conference. We got to learn some new things, take classes on some things, and one of the classes that we went to was a class ont this ZOM tool thing which is something that you build shapes with.

Here are some pictures of all this:

The picture on the bottom right is me building something with ZOM tools. The one on the middle is Wilson at his new gymastics place (Wilson started gymnastics). The top left is a different kind on ZOM tools. The one on the top right is a warcraft battle. The one on the bottom left is J.R. and I (J.R. is my roomate). The one on the bottom middle is the work room.

I did fencing over summer and just started band again. I'm also taking speech and clarinet lessons.

Overall, summer vacation was pretty fun.