Friday, September 19, 2008

Monday-Friday 9/13/08-9/17/08

This week we didn't do anything special, just the current usual. The current usual is different from the usual of before the summer. The new usual is much busier. There is nothing on Monday, band and fencing on Tuesday, (for Joey and Wilson only) rollerskating, gymnastics and dance on Wednesday, on Thursday we have the most things to do, band, speech, clarinet lessons, and fencing, Friday is only art lessons.

The things that I did for homeschooling this week was my math (I'm doing algebra 1 now), music theory, ancient Greek, vocabulary, and we did this mosaic / collage of a tree for Autumn. I'm going to go to a music recital for Music Bloom (the name of the place that I take clarinet lessons from) on Sunday. I'm going to play 3 songs for the recital, 2 have piano accompaniments.


Grandma said...

I appreciated your commentary on this week's schedule for you all Ricky. It brought me up to date with the Tan family activities! How nice you are in a recital Sunday, wish I could be there. Your academics sound very interesting, you must have a wonderful teacher. I love you! Grandma

Gosh Yarn It! said...

You did a great job on your recital, Ricky!