Sunday, March 30, 2008

3/17/08 Sunday

Today I did some Wii, board games and TV. I also finished the book that I was re-reading. I didn't really do very much.

3/16/08 Saturday

Today I went to a make-up fencing class and did not go out any other time that day. I played a lot of Brawl with Wilson and watched some TV. Most of the day was the last sentence and some reading.

3/15/08 Friday

Today I finished up homeschooling for the week and for most of the day I did one player on Brawl. Wilson went to preschool today too (Wilson goes to preschool on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays).

3/14/08 Thursday

Today I went to fencing, did some homeschooling, Brawl, TV, and my cousins came over for dinner (we try to do it every Thursday).

3/13/08 Wednesday

Today I did some homeschooling (grammar and vocabulary), tv, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Joey went to rollerskating (again, I didn't go) and Wilson went to preschool.

3/12/08 Tuesday

Today I went to fencing and other than that I mostly played Brawl and did some homeschooling. My favorite character in Brawl so far is Meta Knight and Ike. In Melee and Brawl it seems that I'm best with swordsmen.

3/11/08 Monday

Every day from the first big post with a lot of days on it is one day ahead in the date on the title. Yesterday was the tenth (Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out that day). Today is the eleventh, today I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the mail from and I was playing for about 3-4 hours straight (I not sure if we had dinner during that 3-4 hours). Also Wilson went to preschool.

3/9/08 Sunday

Today I did mostly the same thing as yesterday. One thing that was different from yesterday was that we went to the park. Another was that I spent a lot of time on the computer.

3/8/08 Saturday

Today I didn't go to a make-up fencing class and during the morning I stayed home and started to re-read one of my books. For the afternoon and evening I was mostly playing games.

3/7/08 Friday

Today I finished up the rest of my homeschooling for the week and for most of the day I played games and/or watched tv.

3/6/08 Thursday

Today I did most of the homeschooling that I haven't done and went to fencing. After fencing my cousins came over for dinner. We had some pizza from WinCo.

3/5/08 Wednesday

Today Joey went to rollerskating (I didn't come) and Wilson went to preschool. I did some reading for homeschooling and some boardgames with my Dad and Wilson.

Friday, March 14, 2008

3/4/08 Tuesday

Today I did some homeschooling and went to fencing. I also watched some tv and played some Wii/Gamecube. For homeschooling I did one math lesson and my grammar. Today at fencing we did mostly bouts and I won about 4 out 6.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3/3/08 Monday

Today we went to Coloma and we panned for gold in the river. We didn't find very much, only a couple specks. It seems amazing that after hundreds of years there is still gold there. Here are some pictures of us panning:
The water was icy cold. When I first put my feet in it felt like there was an invisible wrap constricting my feet. Even when I got used to it I couldn't stay in for very long. I put my feet in the sand to warm them when I stayed in for too long. Joey (my sister) fell in the water. It was a fun trip and a few gold specks was better than nothing.

3/2/08 Sunday

Today I slept in until 9:00 a.m. Today I did some Wii and Gamecube. Also I watched some tv. Tomorrow we are going to Coloma to pan for gold in the American River.

3/1/08 Saturday

Today I mostly played Wii and Gamecube. I watched some tv and in the morning I went to a make-up fencing class (I still need to do 3 more make-ups). Here is a picture of me fencing:
I am the one with black pants with white stripes. I attaking the other person and he is blocking it.

2/29/08 Friday

Today I finished up homeschooling for the week. I finished my library book, Dragon and Soldier (I think it was that one). I watched some tv and not much else.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2/28/08 Thursday

Today I finished most of my homschooling and did some Super Smash Bros. Melee on my Wii (I tried playing Gamecube games on the Wii and it works!(I knew it would)).

2/27/08 Wednesday

Today I did two lessons of math for homescooling and we watched "Journey to the Center of the Earth". The movie was pretty good, although it wasn't one of my favorites. I didn't do very much viedo gaming today, I mostly did tv.

2/26/08 Tuesday

Today I did some more homeschooling than on monday (I did vocabulary and grammar). I also watched the movie Shreck the Third and some tv.

Friday, March 7, 2008

2/25/08 Monday

Today I started homeschooling for the week. I didn't do very much of it. I mostly watched tv and played Super Smash Bros. Meele on my Gamecube. On the Wii I played Super Paper Mario.