Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3/3/08 Monday

Today we went to Coloma and we panned for gold in the river. We didn't find very much, only a couple specks. It seems amazing that after hundreds of years there is still gold there. Here are some pictures of us panning:
The water was icy cold. When I first put my feet in it felt like there was an invisible wrap constricting my feet. Even when I got used to it I couldn't stay in for very long. I put my feet in the sand to warm them when I stayed in for too long. Joey (my sister) fell in the water. It was a fun trip and a few gold specks was better than nothing.


Gosh Yarn It! said...

What great pictures! It sounds like a fun trip.

Grandma said...

Hi Ricky, your field trip sounds like a wonderful day, wish I could have been there! Heard you also had a nice outing to Davis to see aunties for Auntie Jess' birthday, you are lucky! I miss you and love you, Grandma