Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunday-Friday 10/25/08-10/31/08

Today is Halloween! It is also my brother,Wilson,5th birthday. We are going to have Wilson's birthday party tonight, and then we are going to go trick or treating. I don't have any pictures of our costumes yet, but I am going to be a Necromancer, Wilson is going to be a wizard, and Joey is going to be Hannah Montana. At the party, we are going to have different games, pizza for dinner, and some snacks.
Also this week, we did our practice writing test and are going to do our real test on Monday. We did a Venn Diagram of the biomes: Tundra, Rain Forest, and Grasslands. Beginning Band is starting to get into some harder music and is also getting to be more fun. Intermediate band is getting into some really hard songs and they are also the most fun.
That's mainly what I did this week, so Happy Halloween!
Here is a picture of Joey and I at band:


Gosh Yarn It! said...

You are doing a fantastic job on both clarinet and saxophone in band! Thank you for sharing about Wilson's birthday.

Grandma said...

Hi Ricky, can't wait to see pictures of your costume. Hope Halloween and Wilson's birthday were lots of fun. Sure do wish I could have been there. Looking forward to seeing you Thanksgiving! Band sound great, you are a very good musician.
Love you, Grandma