Friday, November 7, 2008

11/1/08-11/7/08 Sunday-Friday

This week we did a lot of Asian based homeschooling. We painted some Chinese symbols, learned about ancient China, Korea, and Japan through Story of the World, did Japanese origami, and we also ate some teriyaki noodles with chopsticks.

Here are the pictures of some of the Asian things we did:

The one on the bottom is us eating with chopsticks, the one on the top right is me doing Chinese calligraphy, and the one on the top left is me doing origami.

Also this week, we had to do our response to literature writing test. Both my practice and real stories for the test were both about a someone who was was disabled.


Gosh Yarn It! said...

What a project-filled week! Great job on your Chinese characters and origami bird.

Grandma said...

Your school week sounded so interesting Ricky. I always wanted to learn to eat with chop sticks, maybe you can teach me!
love, Grandma

Jenn said...

We also use Story of the World, it's a great program...we have really enjoyed all of the hands-on stuff to do.