Friday, November 14, 2008

Satday-Friday 11/9/08-11/14/08

This week we created a felt storyboard for telling stories. What we do is cut out pieces of felt to resemble the characters in the story and then act out the story using the board.

Here are some pictures of the story board:
We currently have two stories, "The Persimmon Monster" and "The Old Woman and the Red Pumpkin". The two on the top are of "The Old Woman and the Red Pumpkin", and the two on the bottom were of "The Persimmon Monster".
This week we were sick and didn't go to most of our lessons. I still went to my speech and clarinet lessons, but didn't go to band or fencing.

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Gosh Yarn It! said...

Great pictures! Thank you for sharing your felt story board. :)