Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/5/08-2/14/08 Tuesday-Thursday

I'm going to smush all of these days together.


Today I went to fencing. I wore the splint to keep it from moving to much but then I had to take it off because it was getting to hot inside of it. My Dad and I ate at Carls Jr./Green Burrito while my sister was at dance. After fencing when we went back home I did some more homeschooling and took a shower. I played some Gamecube with by brother, Wilson. I went to sleep at about 9:30.


Today I didn't go to rollerskating because of my wrist ( I can't belive it still hurts!). I mostly stayed home, played some gamecube with Wilson, and did some homeshooling.


Today I went to fencing again. This time we didn't eat out, instead we ate at home before we left. I didn't bring the spilnt this time (It has partly healed). I won a lot of bouts this time and I got very tired. When we went back home I took a shower, did some homeschooling, and played Gamecube.


Today I finished up my homeschooling for the week and watched some tv, read and played viedo games.


Today I played a lot of viedo games and didn't read much. I went to a fencing class today ( it was a makeup class). I have mostly been playing the game Super Smah Bros. Melee.


Today's my birthday. I got a bookmark from my sister and the Wii! The Wii Sports is very fun and my two favorite sports in the game are tennis and boxing.


Today I started homeschooling for the week and I played some more Wii, and my Wilson (my little brother) is surprisingly good at boxing.
My current skill level on boxing is 756 and on tennis it is 175.


Today I am doing a lot of math for homeschooling and I am getting pretty good at Wii Sports bowling. The boxing training is pretty fun.


Today I played a lot of Wii sports and I tried the nine-hole golf and it was actually relaxing. I got 5 over par.


Today I went to fencing and I did a lot of bouts. I lost 4 out of about 10-14 bouts. I created a Mii today so that I could play the Wii Sports as something that actually looks like me. Tomorrow I am going to have my birthday party.

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Grandma said...

Hi Ricky, you are doing great with your fencing! I wish I could see it. Mommy sent me a picture of you, you look very grown up. I love you very much,