Friday, February 1, 2008

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

As I said I would, this post is going to be about Paper Mario. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is the second Paper Mario game. I think that it is an action, adventure, puzzle, and collecting game. The object of the game is to collect the seven Crystal Stars to open the Thousand Year Door and atop the X-nauts(the main bad guys) from using the demon spirit behind the Thousand Year Door to rule the world. On Mario's quest he will collect coins (to buy stuff), badges (to give you extra powers during battle), star pieces (to trade for badges), shine sprites (to power up ypur partner), and many other things. Partners you get from each chapter or level by finding them so that you could use their powers in order to continue the game. Their are 7 partners in the game and you get each of them in different ways. My 3 favorite partners are Bobbery (a bob-bom), Yoshi (a yoshi that hatches during a tournement Mario is participating in), and Flurrie ( a wind spirit that helps you take back the Great Tree. This one of my favorite games and right now I'm on the final chapter. Here are some pictures of the game:

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