Friday, October 9, 2009

Candle Dipping

Yesterday we got to use the beeswax that Vicky, our landlord, gave us when we first moved in for candle dipping! We melted the beeswax and dipped our wicks in the beeswax one after another. Wilson started to make one, but decided that he didn't want to do it. We dipped the wicks in sets of two, by folding each piece in half. The end of my two candles broke off, so they are shorter than the rest.

Here are the pictures.

This is how they used to make candles in the early American colonies.


Tan Family said...

Ricky, your candles ended up being really interesting shapes! It was fun to feel like an early American colonist, trying to make and store up candles.

Wilson's Blog said...

I love your candles and I love you!

Grandma said...

I love your candles Ricky, they are very beautiful and unique. I wish I could have made candles with you!