Sunday, April 27, 2008

4/3/08-4/11/08 Thursday-Friday

This week for Story
of the World (ancient
history) we
made some fried
plantains and burned
some incense.

Here's a picture of
the plantains and incense:

The one on the left is Wilson blowing out the flame on the cone (you're supposed to do that) and the one on the right is the the fried plantains while they're being fried on the pan. The fried plantains tasted pretty good. Also, the incense was from ancient egypt and the fried plantains were from ancient africa. The usual also happened during the week. I also had a fencing tournament on Saturday, did Star Testing on Wednesday and Thursday, and we went to the vernal pools.

Here are some pictures of the vernal pools and the fencing tournament:

The one on the left is the fencing tournament and the one on the right is a picture of the actual vernal pool. The field that surrounded the vernal pool was mostly tall grass and there were also a lot of flowers that got a lot of pollen on our pants and shoes. After the vernal pools we went to U.C. Davis for lunch.


Gosh Yarn It! said...

Wow! Sounds like you are learning about some interesting things. Keep up the great work with your science and social studies!

Grandma said...

Hi Ricky, love your blog. I like all the interesting things that you do and I liked seeing the photos. I wish I could see you at the fencing tournaments! The trip to the Vernal Pools sounds awesome. Is it similar to the ones at the Santa Rosa Plateau?
Love you, Grandma