Friday, December 19, 2008

Saturday-Friday 12/13/08-12/19/08

This week I had two band concerts. One was at a church and the other was Arden Fair Mall. I got to play in beginning band with saxophone, intermediate band with clarinet, and my band stayed to play the songs with the advanced band too.
Here are the songs that we played:

Beginning band: Minor Rock, Rio Bravo, Jingle Bells, and Dr. Rock.

Intermediate band: Freedoms Force, Kum Ba Ya, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Tenth Planet, Walkin' Cool, and Star Wars.

Advance band: Valley Forge, If I didn't Have You, All Through the Silent Night, Swingin' on a Star, 12 Days of Christmas, and Christmas of the Toreador.

Also this week, we read the story of The Nutcracker and we are doing to go to see Joey and my cousins, Emily and Sydney, perform The Nutcracker. We are going to go my little brother's gymnastics show today and on Sunday we are going to go to my clarinet recital at a church. There were a lot of performances this week.
This week I started my Middle Ages book. I made two pages one on The Fall of Rome, and another on the Byzantine Empire. I drew a nice map for The Fall of Rome, and I'm doing a drawing of the Hagia Sophia for the Byzantine Empire.


Gosh Yarn It! said...

Wow! What a busy week for you. Great job playing clarinet and saxophone for your concerts and your recital. Your Middle Ages book is turning out very nicely.

Grandma said...

You are busy Ricky! Lots of concerts, I miss going to them. Also the Nutcracker with Joey and the gymnastics with Wilson, bring some pictures when you come of everything, ok? Love you much, Grandma