Friday, January 9, 2009

The Holidays.

Hello! It's been about two weeks since I last posted. That seems like a long time.

So, over the past two weeks we have been relaxing and celebrating Christmas. We all made presents for each other and bought some (of course). Joey and I made some Math Gnomes for Wilson to help him with his math and just to play with. Wilson and I made Joey a belt/scarf/headband. Wilson carded the fiber for Joey's present, I spun the fiber into yarn and we both took turns crocheting it into the belt/scarf/headband. Joey and Wilson couldn't think of anything to make me, so they got me the book "The Tales of Beetle the Bard" instead.

The presents we got from everybody else in the family included Wii Fit, a Wii game for me and Wilson called "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed", a sweater/jacket (I don't remember which), money, PJ's, money for our collage accounts, and a kalimba (for everybody), and a Nintendo DS, and probably some other things I don't remember. What we got in our stockings included the following: candy, do-kee-doo, clasps for holding things together, a giant, vegan, candy cane for Wilson, and a diatonic flute for each of us.

Here are some pictures from our Christmas:
These are pictures from our Christmas. The one on the top right is us on the stairs with our Dad, the one on the bottom right is a picture of us with our Mom, the one on the top left is Wilson opening up the box to his Math Gnomes, and the one on the bottom left is Joey, Wilson, and I opening up some of our presents.

After Christmas, we spent the money we got. I got all of the World of Warcraft games, Wilson got a couple of DS games for his DS, and I think Joey spent her money on some clothes. We read some Christmas stories prior to Christmas so we could learn about what Christmas is and why we celebrate it. We made a nativity out of things we found in the backyard, some fiber, and wood people we got from a Waldorf store. Overall, it was a fun Christmas.


Gosh Yarn It! said...

Thank you for sharing! I really like your homemade gifts.

Grandma said...

Christmas sounded great Ricky, I like the picture on the steps in morning, looks like when we do it here. Missed you all this Christmas for sure. Love you, Grandma