Friday, January 16, 2009

1/10//09-1/16/09 Sunday-Friday

This week for math, we did a lot of geometry. We folded a bunch of circles into tetrahedrons (pyramids) and octahedrons to form a larger pyramid. With some yellow kite paper, we folded 8 squares into symmetrical shapes according to a book that we got for Christmas. We put the 8 shapes together and made a window star. For artistic geometry, I drew a 4-pointed dodecahedron.

For S.S., we learned about the Crusades, Robin Hood and King Richard. We are currently making our own Magna Carta by dipping a piece of paper into some tea to dye it, then we are going to burn the edges, and then write on it.

Wilson got a new Bionicle, called Glatorian. He was out of Christmas money, so I let him use the rest of mine to buy the Bionicle. On Thursday, our Dad came and met us for lunch at Bel-Air after homeschool band and before my speech lesson.

We did a wax resist watercolor for art. I did a star with colors in the points, but not in the middle so that when I put the watercolor on top, the middle would be that color. Wilson did a drawing of some sort of creature with crayons, then put watercolor over it. Joey did a space type scene, then painted strips of watercolor in the backround.

Here are the pictures of the watercoloring that we did: On the left is Joey's and my pictures. Mine is on the top, and Joey's is on the bottom. The one on the right is all of us working on our paintings.

Today, we learned how to write a friendly letter, a postcard and how to fill out an envelope. We actually wrote letters and mailed them.

This week was more of an artsy week.


Grandma said...

Hi Ricky, I like the geometry work you are doing. You are a very generous brother to share your Christmas money with Wilson! I am proud of you. And I love you! Grandma

Gosh Yarn It! said...

You are doing a wonderful job with all of your geometry!