Friday, January 23, 2009


This week on Monday, it was Martin Luther King's Day. We learned about what he did and what he fought for (fought as in political speeches and boycotts, not actual violence). He made many speeches, including the famous "I Have a Dream" speech, where he talked about the Declaration of Independence and how we still weren't following it at the time. He lead the bus boycott where all African-American people wouldn't ride the buses because they had to sit in the back. By refusing to ride the bus, the bus companies were losing money. After about a year, the law was lifted.

Because it was a holiday, we didn't have to do any structured homeschooling. Instead, we did some artsy projects. We made some things out of polymer clay. I made a bow and arrow and three canes of twisted color, and Wilson also made a cane. Joey did some stamping and needlefelting. We all did some natural dyeing with silk cloths using blueberries, brazilwood and tumeric.

At art this week, we finished our walrus and still life projects. Wilson did a the walrus project too. After art, our girl cousins, Emily and Sydney, came over to our house.

For my Middle Ages book this week, I did a page of Medieval Asia. I drew a small map of that area and wrote some facts about China, Korea, and Japan.

Later tonight, we are going to go to the Olive Garden for dinner with the rest of the Tan family to celebrate Lolo's and Aunt Shelley's birthdays.

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Grandma said...

You did many interesting things in homeschooling this week Ricky, even on your holiday! I loved your newsy friendly letter, I will answer soon. Hope the Olive Garden was delicious, I have never been to one but hope to some day.
Love, Grandma
ps tell Wilson Fay liked her letter too!