Friday, March 6, 2009

Glass Fusing

Today we went to a glass fusing class to make some glass pendants/magnets. The teacher's name was Diane Wood. We learned about the history of glass fusing and looked at examples.
We each got a base piece of glass, some smaller dichroic (two color) glass bars, and some clear bars to put over it to make it smooth.

First, we made our design with the dichroic bars, then we clipped off the edges to make it fit the base piece. Then we put the clear bars on top of it to make it smooth and so that it has depth. Then, we glued all of the pieces together with tiny bits of glue so that nothing would fall apart.

After everyone was done, we gave everything to the teacher to take home. She will fuse our glass in a kiln. We are going to pick them up in a few days.


Tan Family said...

Your glass piece looks beautiful! I can't wait to see it when it's done annealing.

Grandma said...

Glass fusion is awesome! I think that is what Auntie Jess does, or something similar.