Sunday, March 1, 2009

UC Davis trip.

This week, we went to UC Davis for my aunt's birthday. First, we went for a walk through the Arboretum. While we were walking, we sketched some plants in our Botany Books. We had dinner at the UC Davis Tercero Dining Commons.
Our Aunt Jessica works at a place called Sprinkles. Sprinkles is a nice cupcake store where you can buy high-end cupcakes. She brought us some for my Aunt Stephanie's birthday.

Here is a picture of the cupcakes:

Both of our aunts got us Trivial Pursuit, which is a mind game.
We learned about Medieval Africa this week. We made an African mask and learned about some stories and kingdoms that existed during that time.
Here is a picture of the mask and us making the mask:


Tan Family said...

Yummy cupcakes! Great job using raffia for the hair on the African mask.

Grandma said...

I wish I could have gone to the arboretum and dining commons with all of you. The cupcakes look yummy. The masks are awesome Ricky!

Jessica said...

Nice the cupcakes made the blog, I hope you enjoyed them and I will try and bring some everytime I see you all. Your blog looks great Ricky