Friday, February 20, 2009

Oct-Tetra and our Botany Books

This week we folded special paper into tetrahedrons and octahedrons. What you do is you fold the special paper on the fold lines and then connect the flaps that are on the sides with paper clips. To make an octahedron, you have to fold two pieces and then attach them together. For the tetrahedron, it comes in one piece. We connected an octahedron and a tetrahedron to form an Octet-truss. It looks like this: We can connect a lot of the octahedron and tetrahedrons (or octas and tetras) to form bigger things, like a giant tetra or a pyramid.

This week we did a bulb observation for our bulbs that we planted a couple months ago. They are finally starting to grow! We planted tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths, and some pansies to put on top. My daffodil is getting really big. It is about 7 in. tall. I think it's gotten so big because I planted the pansies unevenly, and it's in the spot where there is the biggest space between all the plants. So, we are doing a bulb observation and then drawing a picture of the bulb in my Botany book every two weeks.

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Grandma said...

The Oct-tetra shapes are very nice Ricky. I like the botany lesson too, I love plants as you know. Next time I see you I will look at your botany book.