Friday, February 13, 2009


This week we started to learn about volcanoes for Joey's science. For Story of the World, we learned about the Plague, or Black Death. I made my yarn for my flute case also this week.
I made the yarn for the case out of some dyed wool and some fiber that we already had. First we dyed some white fiber with a light red (Brazilwood), and it turned out a peach-ish color. Then I alternated using the yarn we had, a combination of yellow and deep red, and the one that we dyed to make the yarn. I am going to crochet the yarn to make the case.

Here is a picture of the yarn:

For the Plague, we learned that the actual name is the Bubonic Plague and that it came from a disease that is carried by fleas. The fleas gave it to the rats, who in turn gave it to all of Europe, one part at a time. Once the Black Death subsided, the need of peasants and farmers increased, so they could demand to be paid instead of just being given a place to live. Because of this, the Feudal System of Europe where there is a lord who owns the land and gives the peasants and farmers land in return for working for him, broke down. Now, the lords started to get poorer and peasants slightly richer.

We just started to learn about volcanoes. We learned about the different types of eruptions, about the Ring of Fire, and about earthquakes.


Gosh Yarn It! said...

Your handspun yarn is incredible!

Grandma said...

I love reading about your school week, so interesting, the plague and then the volcanoes too. The yarn looks awesome.