Friday, April 24, 2009


This week we did a project for cartography by each of us making a map, either real or made up. Joey made a map of "Candylaria", Wilson did one of Durotar, a World of Warcraft map, and I did a map of Terrokar Forest, another, more complicated Wacraft map.

I got a picture off of the internet of Terrokar Forest, and then drew a rough draft of it. I made some changes so that I was not completely copying it. Then I got a big piece of watercolor paper and drew it all in with pencil.
After the pencil, I got a pen and traced everything. Then I dipped it in coffee to stain it and make it seem old, and then I painted parts of it with watercolors.
I burned the edges to make it seem even older.


Grandma said...

Your maps are beautiful Ricky. Grandpa was a geography major and took some classes in cartography. It is very interesting.

Jenn said...

I really love your map!! That is a neat idea to dip it in coffee, I'll have to tell Maddie and Sam about that. They love to make maps. I will show them your blog soon, it's great!