Thursday, May 21, 2009


Since Wednesday was officially the end of the school year for us, we gave all of our different teachers presents. We gave them each a glass bowl shaped like an apple, some caramel that I made, and something from Joey. Joey gave each of them something different. For our band teacher, Joey needle felted a clarinet, a needle felted apple for our ES, and then for our art teacher Wilson crocheted a bookmark. Then for my speech teacher, I made a twizzler as a bookmark.

We also gave them all cards. Joey and Wilson collected some fallen flowers from outside for us to smash on top of the cards to get all the color out of them. We used a hammer to smash the flowers onto watercolor paper.


Tan Family said...

You made beautiful gifts for your teachers! I'm sure that they are enjoying your yummy caramel.

Grandma said...

The gifts sound wonderful Ricky. I know your teachers will treasure them. I can't wait until tomorrow!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Ricky,
Thank you for your comments and for visiting my blog. You have a really nice blog. I love the Daffodil pictures. Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers.
Keep up the good work on your blog.