Friday, August 28, 2009

The Summer

During summer vacation, Joey, Wilson, and I all got to go to different summer camps. Wilson went to a Waldorf camp, Joey to a girl scout camp called Camp Menzies, and I went to a computer camp. I took the Game Modding: Warcraft III course. Also, both Joey and I went to an aquatics camp at Lake Natoma. Other than that we mostly stayed home.
We still took lessons over the summer. Joey still had dance, Wilson didn't stop taking gymnastics, and I continued fencing and my clarinet lessons. We moved to a new house over the summer.
The picture on the left is of Joey, Wilson, and I. The right one is of me and a couple of the people in my group.

Here are tow pictures from my computer camp. The one on the left is one with me and two of my instructors, "Malarthi" and "Psylocke". Their real names are David and Rebecca. The picture on the right is Malarthi and my my class.


Grandma said...

Your summer camps were awesome Ricky! You did so many interesting things, learned a lot, and had a great time. What a wonderful summer you had in every way.

Rick Tan III said...

Ricky, sounds you like had an exciting summer vacation!