Friday, September 3, 2010

iD Tech

This summer I went to a computer camp called iD Tech at the Sacramento California State University. At iD camps you get to choose a course to take. Each course teaches you how to use different computer programs, all of which are editing tools used to create games, art, or creatures. I took the Unreal Ed course. In Unreal Ed you learn how to use the Unreal Editor 2.5, the tool used for manipulation the Unreal Engine for Unreal Tournament 3. We learned how create basic maps and the rudiments of triggering. By the end of the course, we had each successfully created playable maps.

Other than the course, we did much more. All of the overnighters got to stay up late (usually until around 11 p.m.) and play Call of Duty. We got to each breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the dining commons at Sac State. All the overnighters usually got up at around 7:30 a.m. to get ready, then at around 8 a.m. we all went to the dining commons for breakfast. Afterwards, we played a multitude of different games while we waited for the day campers to arrive. Once they were all present, we headed over to the computer lab to begin our courses. Lunch was at I think 1 p.m.. At 5 p.m. we saw the day campers off, then headed for dinner. After dinner, we spent an additional 4-6 hours playing games in the lab.
These are some things that our instructor, "Malarthi", put on our board.

Then here's me and my class. There were only 3 kids in the group.

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Grandma said...

What a great experience camp was Ricky! You learn a lot and have a great time, perfect summer.