Friday, September 3, 2010

Waldorf Fundraising

This year, I will be attending Davis Waldorf School. I'm going into eighth grade, and as part of our class fundraising, all of the eighth grade students need to fundraise at least $300 on their own. This money will help pay for our trip to Boston in the Spring.
My current plan for fundraising is selling yarn in my mom's Etsy shop and taking custom orders for spinning yarn.
If you are interested in a custom order, please e-mail me at Let me know how many yards and what colors. Wool yarn of sport-DK weight is $0.25/yd. My goal is to fundraise the $300 by the end of September.


Rick Tan III said...

Beautiful yarns, Ricky! What a great way to start the year at DWS.


Grandma said...

Good luck with the fundraising Ricky. We will mail our check today. It is going to be a wonderful trip for sure.

momma rae said...

beautiful yarns! will the yarns that benefit you be marked as such in the etsy shop? i will happily support your fund raising efforts. ;)

Ricky Tan said...

Momma Rae, thank you. Yes, they are marked. I usually name them after elements. Two skeins of Californium are for sale right now, and I also do custom colors.