Monday, May 5, 2008

4/20/08-4/28/08 Sunday-Monday

This week all of the normal occurred (band, clarinet lessons, fencing, etc.) along with the unique things of the week. Here are the unique things for the week and the day: during the weekend, we went to a lace making exhibit.

Here's some pictures:

The one on the left is a picture of someone doing a certain type of lace making called bobbin lace. The one on the right is a display of some of the things that some of the people had made.

On Sunday we went to a Maidu Spring celebration and California Native American craft.

Here's some pictures of the celebration:

The one on the left is some Native American dancers (you can't see them very well), and the one on the right is some baskets that someone made. There was also a museum that had some of the Maidu history during times like the Gold Rush. One of the most fun things about that trip is that got to touch a bear skull. One of the worst things about that trip was that it was really hot.

This week has been really hot and I would prefer winter weather over this week's weather. We went to the park and library a couple times because it was (kind of) nice weather. I got most of my home schooling done on Thursday this week. I played a lot of Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Ben 10 (did I tell you that I got a new game?) with Wilson.

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Gosh Yarn It! said...

Wow! Native American dancers, crafts and then lacemaking. Sounds like you learned a lot about arts and history this week!