Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5/7/08-5/12/08 Wednesday-Monday

This week had included Joey's birthday and the Whole Earth Festival at U.C. Davis. The Whole Earth Festival was three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Here are some pictures of the Whole Earth Festival:

The pictures in order from left to right, top to bottom: 1. My Dad hula-hooping. 2. Some handmade, clay bowls. 3. My Mom and sister watching someone weaving on a loom. 4. A grouping of solar panels. 5. Me hula-hooping.

While we were there, we met my Aunt Steph, Tito (Uncle) Randy, and Amanda. The solar panels were powering something close to the area and it seemed like it was part of either the stage where the bands played, or the food area. We had lunch at the Whole Earth Festival and the interesting thing was that there was no meat, everything was recycled, and after we were done with our (not paper) plates, forks, cups, and even chopsticks, we had to take them to a booth where we got approx. $1 for giving the plates/forks/spoons/cups/chopsticks back. What I had for lunch were garlic fries (they were really good) and a corn dog (the corn dog was actually a tofu dog (it didn't taste exactly like a corn dog).

On Sunday, Joey had her birthday party (her actual birthday was on Wednesday -- also it was Mother's day!). She decided to make her birthday party a 70's-themed party. She only invited her two girl cousins, Emily and Sydney, to come to her party. The first thing that they did was dancing. We hung a mini disco ball on the ceiling and flashed lights on it and played a part of Saturday Night Fever for the girls to dance to. After that, we had dinner. The girls (Emily, Sydney, and Joey) had 70's TV dinners, Tang, and I had spaghetti and Tang. After that, we went to the roller rink at Rollerland and the girls and Wilson skated around in the rink. Emily and Sydney used roller blades, and Joey and Wilson used roller skates. I didn't skate. Instead I had cotton candy, some root beer, and got to play one of the arcade games that they had there. I had fun and they had fun. When we got back the girls did macrame and embroidery while we watched Charlie's Angels. The day after her party my Mom taught me how to embroider, too!

Here are some pictures of Joey's party:

The one on the far left is my Dad, Joey, Emily,Tito (Uncle) Randy, Amanda, and Wilson dancing to Saturday Night Fever. The one in the middle is (from left to right) Sydney, Joey, and Emily. The one on the far right is one of the TV dinners that the girls ate.
Overall, it was a pretty fun weekend

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Grandma said...

Wow Ricky, I loved reading everything in your blog. The Whole Earth Festival sounded awesome. I wish I could have gone. And Joey's birthday party was very special. Thank you for the interesting and informative entry. The blogs help keep me up to date with you kids, I am always excited when I see you have written something new to share. I love the pictures too!
Love you, Grandma