Wednesday, May 21, 2008

5/13/08-5/19/08 Tuesday-Monday

This week we got to go bowling! Alexander (one of Wilson's friends from preschool) had a birthday party on Saturday at a bowling alley (is that what they're called?). Wilson, Alexander, and whoever else Alexander invited, had three lanes to bowl, and Joey and I got our own lane. We played three games, the first game we didn't get very many points, the second one we got more than double the amount than the last one (we had the bumpers up) and I got two strikes in a row with that game, and the last one we did even better (still with the bumpers up), and I won each one. We had pizza for dinner at Strikes (the name of the bowling alley). After we were done bowling, we went to find Wilson in the Arcade Room. Wilson still had some money left on his game card (that's what Strikes uses instead of tokens) so we played Air Hockey. We didn't bring a camera so we couldn't get any pictures.

Also this week I did a lot of embroidery. Here are some pictures of the things that I did:

From left to right, top to bottom: 1.something that looks like a compass 2.something 3.the first one that I did 4.something 5. something, something, and interlocking triangles.

So embroidery turned out to be pretty fun. I like it more than crocheting and hand crocheting.
Overall, this was a pretty fun week.


Gosh Yarn It! said...

I love your embroidery!

Grandma said...

Your embroidery is awesome Ricky! You are very talented as is your whole family. The bowling sounded like a lot of fun. I love bowling but I haven't been for a long time. Have a good day up there, hope you have a sunny holiday weekend. So far it is raining like crazy here.
Love you, Grandma