Friday, May 9, 2008

4/29/08-5/6/08 Tuesday-Tuesday

This week the usual happened. The things that were not usual for this week were playing in my band concert and attending the CNCH handweavers conference.

I'm going to start with the band concert. The concert took place at a Presbyterian church in Fair Oaks.

Here are some pictures of my band concert:

The one on the left is me when I am playing one of the four songs we performed, and the one on the right is Wilson, Joey, and I before the concert.

For the handweaver's conference, my Mom's online shop Gosh Yarn It! had a booth so we could sell some of her fiber arts supplies. Joey and my Mom got to be the vendors of the booth and my Dad, Wilson, and I got to be vendor helpers. Most of the time I was there I was resting or sitting in a little place behind the booth. I got to see people spinning on spinning wheels and weaving on looms. We looked at samples of baskets, clothes, rugs, beads and fiber from different weaving guilds.

The conference was in a hotel so we explored it a little bit. There were a lot of ramps in the hotel going slightly up or slightly down so if you were in a wheelchair you would have a hard time going up and you would start going too fast on the way down.

Here are some pictures of the conference:

The one on the left is a picture of my Mom, Joey and Aunt Jess in the booth during the conference, and the one on the right is me helping to take down the booth.

That was pretty much all of the unusual things about this week.


Gosh Yarn It! said...

Congratulations on your band concert! Thank you for being a great helper with the Gosh Yarn It! booth. What an exciting week!

Grandma said...

I Love your blog Ricky. It was nice seeing pictures of you at your band concert and also pictures of the booth in Sacramento, with Auntie Jess there helping. Have fun tomorrow at Whole Earth Festival at Davis. Auntie Stephie is looking forward to seeing all of you.
Love, Grandma